Team Members

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Dr. Mohamed Khamis

Reader/Associate Professor and Team Lead

Postdocs and Research Assistants

Dr. Karola Marky

Post Doctoral Research Associate

keywords: HCI, Usable Security, E-Voting

Tania Wallis

Research Assistant

Tania is researching the changing patterns of interaction with cyber-physical systems, such as increasing use of remote access to operational technology environments; and is investigating effective collaborations towards improving cybersecurity capability across critical infrastructure.
keywords: Cyber-Physical Systems, Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructures

Dr. Md Shafiqul Islam

Post Doctoral Research Associate
page: <>

Shafiqul is developing interfaces to prevent thermal images attacks using computer vision techniques. He completed his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering with research interests in signal and image processing, machine and deep learning. His PhD dissertation is about applying advanced machine learning techniques for diabetes management and prediction. He developed a machine learning framework that can predict whether a subject will develop diabetes within the next 7-8 years or not. During his MS studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he worked on artifact removal from EEG signals for ambulatory epileptic seizure prediction applications. Both of his works have been published in IEEE sensor and biomedical signal processing journals.
keywords: computer vision, machine learning, EEG

Pejman Saeghe

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Pejman Saeghe is an early career Research Associate in Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. His current research focuses on augmented, virtual, and extended reality (XR) privacy/security, and safety in social virtual environments. He has a background in immersive XR multimedia as part of his PhD at the University of Manchester in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation Research and Development (BBC R&D). His publications can be found on his webpage below.
keywords: virtual reality, augmented reality

PhD Students

Florian Mathis, M.Sc.

PhD student, started Oct 2019

The objective of Florian’s PhD is to research the suitability of Virtual Reality (VR) as a test bed for usability and security evaluations.
keywords: HCI, Virtual Reality, Usable Security

Yasmeen Abdrabou, M.Sc.

PhD student, started Oct 2019

My research combines HCI and usable security. In particular, I focus on the use of eye gaze to enhance security mechanisms, including and not limited to gaze behavior in security-related situations and personal identification.
keywords: HCI, Eye Tracking, Usable Security

Norah Alotaibi, M.Sc.

PhD Student, started Jan 2020
page: <>

keywords: Thermal Imaging, Machine Learning, Security

Habiba Farzand, M.Sc.

PhD Student, started Jan 2021

My research is inspired by the convergence of Security & Privacy and Humans. I specifically focus on understanding and mitigating shoulder surfing – a privacy invasion found all around us.
keywords: Shoulder Surfing, Usable Security, HCI

Robin Bretin

PhD Student in the SOCIAL CDT programme, started Oct 2020
page: <>

Robin’s doctoral project focuses on the study of human behaviour around Social drones in immersive virtual reality (VR). He aims to address three questions Humans - How do they behave around drones ? Drones - How to make them social ? And Virtual Reality - What are the limits and capabilities of using VR as an approach for researching Human-Drone Interaction?
keywords: Human-Drone Interaction, Social Drones, Human-Robot Interaction

Melvin Abraham.

PhD student, started July 2021
page: <>

Melvin’s research is based on identifying and communicating security & privacy risks to a user within mixed reality. Looking specifically at how mixed reality can be leveraged, to communicate effectively when a users data is being collected or if a security risk is present.
keywords: Privacy, Virtual Reality, Usable Security

Joseph O’Hagan

PhD student (secondary supervisor), started Oct 2018.
page: <>

keywords: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality,

Cristina Fiani

PhD Student in the SOCIAL CDT programme, started Oct 2021

Cristina’s research focuses on children and adolescents’ privacy and emotional safety with virtual reality (VR). One of the aims is to create a framework for parents to protect them and moderate the social VR experience without neglecting children and adolescents’ expression and self-development.
keywords: Virtual Reality, HCI, children and adolescents’ privacy

Noora AlSakar

PhD Student, started Oct 2021

Recent advances in mobile devices led them to seamlessly support eye tracking. This brings a lot of advantages to interaction. However, eye movements also reveal sensitive attributes about the user. My research aims to investigate the privacy risks of eye tracking on handheld mobile devices and design protective measures using AR based solutions.
keywords: Privacy, Human centered security, Augmented reality.

Omar Namnakani

PhD Student, started Jan 2022
page: <>

keywords: Gaze Interaction, Mobile Devices, Eye Tracking

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email: mohamed.khamis@glasgow
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Visitors and Affiliates

Dr. Martin Schmitz

Affiliate - Postdoc at the Technical University of Darmstadt

I am a postdoctoral researcher and head of the HCI group at Telecooperation Lab led by Max Mühlhäuser. My current research interests include Mixed Reality, Haptics, and Fabrication. I have a background in computer science, psychology, and visual computing. I explored 3D-printed interfaces in my PhD (supervised by Max Mühlhäuser and Jürgen Steimle). If you are interested, please check my recent publications or contact me.
keywords: Mixed Reality, Haptics, Fabrication

Alina Stöver, M.Sc.

Visiting researcher - PhD student in Psychology at the Technical University of Darmstadt

Coming from psychology, Alina is looking at the human factors in privacy. Her research deals with user perceptions (e.g., personal privacy assistants) and the perspective of privacy responsible parties (e.g., website owners).
keywords: Usable Privacy, Human factors, Personal Privacy Assistants


Paul Bekaert, Summer 2021

Jolie Bonner, Summer 2021

Morgan Bierey, Summer 2021

Master and Bachelor/Honors Students

Marija Mumm, MSci, 2020/2021

Quentin Deligny, MSci, 2020/2021

Aiden Rafferty, Honours, 2020/2021

Calum Firth, Honours, 2020/2021

Asad Mahmood, Honours, 2020/2021

Stewart Brown, Honours, 2020/2021

Academic Collaborations

University of Edinburgh, UK

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany

Waseda University, Japan

German University in Cairo, Egypt

University of Palermo, Italy

Tampere University, Finland

Keio University, Japan

University of Oulu, Finland

University of Bayreuth, Germany

University of Stuttgart, Germany

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

Hamm-Lippstadt Univeristy of Applied Science, Germany

University of Primorska, Slovenia

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

KU Leuven, Belgium

University of Vaasa, Finland

Qatar University, Qatar

University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, Switzerland

Aarhus University, Denmark

Technical Univeristy of Vienna, Austria

École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC), France

Lancaster University, UK

Former interns, undergraduate and MSc students


Florian Mathis, Summer 2019

Nicolae Marton, Summer 2019

Master students

Dominik Bladek, MSci, 2019/2020

Lucio Wang, MSc, 2020

Misahael Fernandez, MSc, 2019

Kinshuk Bhardwaj, MSc, 2019

Amol Meshram, MSc, 2019

Tobias Jonathan Randall-Paley, MSc, 2019

Borislav Hristov (Bobby), MSci, 2018/2019

Level 4 Students

Andreas Klitis, Honours, 2019/2020

James Park, Honours, 2019/2020